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Social Responsibility


Empty Bowls

This is the most exciting event of the fall season. It is a unique charity event that benefits Wayfarer House in Elkton MD. Wayfarer House is a shelter for women and children.???????????????????????????????
Throughout the year members of Art Space on Main make, trim and glaze over 500 bowls of varying sizes.

The night of the event attendees select and purchase a hand-crafted pottery bowl. They are invited to share in a bowl of savory soup, bread and dessert. Soups and bread are donated by area restaurants. In addition to food and fellowship, there is a silent auction and entertainment.
Keep your bowl as a reminder of those in our community who face empty bowls and cupboards.

Date: First Friday in October
Time: 4:30 pm to 8 pm
Where: 138 W. Main St., Elkton MD


We are Eco-Friendly

At Art Space we make every effort to leave the smallest footprint on our environment and the greatest impact on our community.
We do this through recycling as much of our materials such as clay, glaze and damaged pieces. Additionally we encourage members to recycle paper and plastics at night we lower our thermostats so we are not heating an empty building and we have transitioned to all high efficiency light bulbs.

pug 2

Reclaimed clay and pug mill.

At Art Space on Main we are mindful of the impact our work may have on the environment. We make every effort to reuse, recycle and re-purpose whenever possible.
This includes, reclaiming clay and putting it through a pug mill so the scraps and sediment may be used again in other projects. This greatly, reduces the amount of clay used and therefore mined.
Additionally, we salvage unfired glaze which gets collected and turned into “Mystery Glaze.” It is called that because it is a mixture of many colors so the outcome is anyone’s guess.
Finally, we collect unwanted or damaged piece which many members take and re-purpose for other art and craft projects such as mosaics. This of course means less goes to landfills.