Due to continued precautions around Covid19, some of the following activities are temporarily suspended. For more information, please contact 410-620-2464.

Class trips

Teachers- leave the teaching to us! Art Space on Main has the ability to host class trips for up to 25 students. By splitting the class, we can have half the students work on the wheel while the others work on a hand building project. Then switch. Each student will complete at least 2 projects during their visit and by bringing your students to a working studio, they will have the opportunity to learn about clay while immersed in the world of pottery.

Civic groups

At Art Space on Main, we work with a variety of civic groups to meet an assortment of needs. Whether you are looking for an activity for a garden club or Girl Scout / Boy Scout troop or even the local Rotary club, we can find the ideal project for your group!

Raku Firing

Become a member of Art Space on Main and join us for our annual Raku Workshop!

Raku clay is incredibly tolerant of rapid changes in temperature making it possible for this lively outdoor firing to take place. After prepared bisque-ware pieces are glazed- utilizing speciality glazes, they are fired in a kiln which rapidly reaches temperatures of 1500-1800 °F. The pieces bake for 20-50 minutes and when the kiln lid is lifted the brilliantly glowing pieces are exposed beneath. Pieces are swiftly and expertly relocated into buckets of newspaper where they excitedly burst into flames.  Once the newspaper burns away, the pieces are cooled in a tub of water and once the steam settles, you are left with a beautiful and uniquely crafted piece of pottery! Join Art Space on Main to participate in this event!

Each year our Raku Workshop is made possible by Brett Thomas of Mobile Raku.


Corporate Team Building

Use pottery as the medium for your next team building exercise.  Participants will have a great time learning basic hand-building skills and complete one guided project while gaining insight into their co-workers and seeing one another in an entirely new way.

Birthday Parties**

Art Space on Main offers a unique and fun way to celebrate your child’s birthday**. We provide all materials including clay, aprons, and tools and offer approximately 1-2 hours of instruction in your own private party room. You are responsible for supplying your own food, drink, plates, napkins, cake, and party decorations so don’t forget the pointy hats!

Up to 10 children – $300

11 to 15 children – $375

15+ children is an additional $20 per child.

**Appropriate for kids 6 and above**

Call 410-620-2464 and schedule your group today!

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