Unlike some art forms, the equipment and specialized space required for an at-home pottery studio is cumbersome and likely cost prohibitive. Art Space on Main offers a wide range of membership levels so there is sure to be a package that fits your schedule and artistic needs! Come on in and join our community!

MOnthly membership packages

ALL-ACCESS (2 years of ASOM membership required before applying) —  $163.00, 24/7 unsupervised keyed access.

BASIC —  $110.00, 40 hours per week during regular studio hours.

PART-TIME —  $65.00, 17 hours per week. Time split between Thurs. and Fri. from 5PM – 9PM and Sat. 10AM – 7PM.

STUDENT  — $67.00, 20 hours per week during regular studio hours.

FAMILY  — $115.00 — 40 hours per week shared between 2 household members.

DAILY Access Pass — $25.00 to utilize studio space for the day. Clay is not included in this price and must be purchased in addition to the Daily Access Pass from Art Space on Main.

All clay used must be purchased directly from Art Space on Main. Clay is sold in 25lb bags for $35.00 per bag. Rather than issuing separate fees to utilize our studio glazes and kilns, the price of clay per 25lb bag includes the use of any of our 32 glazes and 22 underglazes, and both the bisque and glaze fire. Our glaze kiln fires to Cone 6.

Membership has its privileges.
  • The use of more than 3000 sq. feet of studio space including 12 electric Shimpo potter’s wheels, multiple electric Skutt kilns, and an array of hand-building tools and supplies.
  • Several wedging stations, fitted with plexiglas dividers to ensure social distancing.
  • Ample table space and equipment for hand-building including a slab-roller and extruder.
  • Full use of studio tools and guaranteed shelf space to store personal items and projects.
  • Variety of clay for purchase, and basic tool kits for purchase.
  • 32 types of glaze available for use and an additional assortment of under-glazes.
  • Access to kitchen area including a microwave and refrigerator.
  • Gallery representation (ASoM takes a 25% commission for all gallery sales).
  • Off-street parking.
  • A community who will support and encourage your artistic endeavors!

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